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Two Scripts[үзгәртү]

Why is everything in English?

It would be better to use templates like -noun- -adjc- etc. because then at least the headers can be changed into Tatar headers easily. Now you have to change all these entries one by one. Not very handy.


Another thing: there are other languages written in more than one script, e.g. Kurdi. There they have an extra tab (next to 'tarix') that allows one to switch alphabets. Ask Ferhengvan at ku:.

Thanks for suggestions. Yes, may be not very handy. Heading is not english, just latin termins used by majority of nations, including tatar linguists. I know about Kurdi's switching between two type of scripts. Unfortunately this approach not too easy implement for modern Tatar language due to domination of loan words. In Cyrillic Tatar loan words usually written using phonetic approach (like this: Браузер, Хай Тэк ), but in latin same words spelling based in etymology and maximally close to original spelling (like this: Browser, High Tech). That's why not too easy to implement simple transliteration. Again thanks for suggestions. Utgerd 1. May 2008, 01:13 (UTC)
Sounds like you have a real problem.. Good luck!
What do you advise us to do at nl:? Show both latin and cyrillic forms like we do for Serbian? nl:Gebruiker:Jcwf
Now use in your Dutch Wiktionary Cyrillic Tatar Spelling only. Tatar Latin script not standardized (now about 4 variants). Wait while tatar latin script will be more unified. Best regards. Utgerd 5. May 2008, 03:42 (UTC)

Crym, Krym, Qrym etc[үзгәртү]

Hi Utgert, which one is true? Qırım (Кырым) or Crym. According to Tatar vikipedia Qırım is true. --Mzekiu 14. Sen 2008, 10:04 (UTC)

Tatar Wikipedia can't be used as Standard. Not yet. There are 1 cyrillic script and 4 types of latin script. There are no mandatory type of Latin script. See: Tatar Latin Internet script must be naturally developed through creating a Tatar Wikipedia.See Here. Because of this, variants Qrym, Qırım, Qrım, Krym, Crym, Kyrym, Kırım, Krım are formally correct. In Cyrillic Volga Tatars uses two variants Крым or Кырым (Крым татарлары Кырым татарлары). Crimean Tatars in Cyrillic also uses two variants: Кърым , Къырым (See here Crimean Tatar PDF Dictionary). Best regards. Utgerd 15. Sen 2008, 04:57 (UTC)