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This is the template to use for all Dutch nouns in Tatar Wiktionary. Use it directly under the "part of speech" header:



# agas, agach.

This template automatically adds pages to Category:Niderland substantive.


This template can take various parameters, both numbered and named. See m:Help:Template for help with templates and parameters in general.

Parameters 1 and 2 stand for the plural and diminutive, respectively. You may also use the named parameters "pl" and "dim" for these. To specify multiple plurals or diminutives, use "pl1", "pl2"; "dim1", "dim2".


Use {{nl-noun|g=m}} to indicate masculine gender, {{nl-noun|g=f}} for feminine, {{nl-noun|g=n}} for neuter. To specify more than one gender, use {{nl-noun|g1=m|g2=f}} or {{nl-noun|g1=m|g2=f|g3=n}}. If you're not sure about the gender, don't specify the "g" parameter (as in the examples below).


Default (i.e. no parameter) for the plural yields the pagename + "en".

Use the first parameter to specify a different plural:


Use "-" to indicate that there is no plural:


Use "pl1" and "pl2" for multiple plural forms:



Default (i.e. no parameter) for the diminutive yields the pagename + "je".

Use the second parameter to specify a different diminutive:


Use "-" to indicate that there is no diminutive:


Use "dim=*" to omit the diminutive, without specifying that there isn't one:


Use "dim1" and "dim2" for multiple diminutive forms:


Diminutive plural[үзгәртү]

While it is usually not necessary to specify the plurals of diminutives, it might be useful to do so in less than regular cases. Use "dimpl" then.


Quick guide[үзгәртү]

Code Result
{{nl-noun}} (on the page for krent) (plural krenten, diminutive krentje)
{{nl-noun|-|ijsje}} (no plural, diminutive ijsje)
{{nl-noun|-|-}} (no plural, no diminutive)
{{nl-noun|pl1=groentes|pl2=groenten|-}} (plural groentes or groenten, no diminutive)