Wiktionary проектыннан
  • This template copied from English Wiktionary and modified for Tatar Wiktionary
  • What: Alternative template of Template:nl-verb from English Wiktionary
  • Why:
    1. “nl-verb” is rather for the line above the definition
    2. this template is a bit prettier and hopefully clearer and
    3. you don’t need a duplicate Template:nl-verb-sep
  • Usage (e.g. vinden): {{nl-verb-table|vind|vindt|vond|vonden|gevonden}}
    • Optional parameters: aux=hebben|aux2=zijn|sep=uit|prespl=vinden|inf=vinden|prespart=vindend
    • If it’s a separable verb (e.g. uitvinden): {{nl-verb-table|sep=uit|vind|vindt|prespl=vinden|vond|vonden|gevonden}}