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  • picture is wrong. it is şal. Şal mean: English shawl - Turkish şal - Volga Tatarca şäl
  • cavlık mean English handkerchief or nose rag - Turkish mendil - Volga Tatarca kulyavlık

--Mzekiu 4. Ökt 2008, 15:53 (UTC)

I'm going to change this picture. You right. Looks like word cavlıq in Crimean Tatar took strong specialization as handkerchief. In Volga Tatar kul yavlık or kul yawlyk or kul zhawlyk is handkerchief only. However in Volga Tatar yawlyk or zhawlyk generally can be used: for head covering kerchief, neck kerchief and also for small shawl. This happened because Tatar words shal or şäl (shawl) and zhawlyk(diminutive of zhawl) both came from same Persian root shal. From same Persian root: French châle, Spanish chal, Italian scialle, English shawl, German Shawl. Keep in mind english handkerchief also came from head covering kerchief which initially means cover head < Anglo-French courchief, from couvrir "to cover" + chief "head". Best regards. Utgerd 5. Ökt 2008, 03:41 (UTC)